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Our Hero

*Note: For a more detailed history with spoilersclick here.

Real Name: Felicia Hardy
Known Alias: Felicity Harmon
Identity: Known to legal authorities
Citizenship: United States of America with a criminal record, subsequently granted amnesty
Place of Birth: Queens, New York USA
Maritial Status: Single
Known Relatives: Walter Hardy (father, deceased); Lydia Hardy (mother)
Group Affiliation: Owner of Cat's Eye Investigations, former partner of Spider-man
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 120lbs
Eyes Green
Hair: Platinum Blonde

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As a child, Felicia had idolized her father and was always "daddy's girl" but her father was secretly a cat burglar. When he was caught, her mother tried to sheild the truth by telling Felicia that her father had died in a plane crash but Felicia was able to find out the truth by reading newspapers. Felicia grew up training intensely of martial arts (judo), acrobatics, safe cracking, and lock picking. As a young woman, Felicia was ready and adopted the name, The Black Cat after her father.

As the Black Cat, her first mission was to free her father, who was dying, from jail so she and her mother could spend his last hours with them. The Black Cat had to hire some help to break into a prison so she hired some muscle, Bruno Grainger and Demolition expert, Dr. Boris Korpse. During her first mission, she ran into Spiderman but she was able to elude him after Spidey had some 'bad-luck' and she also was able too elude him with some, femminine charm, (also used her classic staple, feeled off part of his mask and kissed him). Felicia was successful and was able to bring her father to her mother where they shared his last moments together, as a family.

The Black Cat became New York's mightiest Cat burglar and was able to escape from Spiderman. Spiderman had tried to stop her but she escaped him everytime since Spiderman seemed to be having some 'bad-luck'.

Even though they were on opposite sides of the law, Felicia fell in love with Spiderman and allowed herself to be caught by Spidey. Then she revealed her true feelings to him but Spiderman resisted at first, but even he couldn't hide his deep affections for the Cat. The Black Cat gave up crime and was granted amnesty for her past crime, allowing her to be partners with Spiderman in crime and in love. Together they fought crime, the night was theirs to be free and in love.

It turns out that the Black Cat did not have any super powers, those 'bad luck' incidents were really carefully laid traps that were made to look like it was bad luck, and that Felicia Hardy, really possessed no superpowers. She became more of a problem in battle to Spiderman against super villains such as the Hobgoblin and Dr. Octopus. Overcome with guilt everytime her lover was hurt by a supervillian, she began a quest for superpowers while Spiderman was put in the secret wars. She became desperate enough to ask the Kingpin for his scientific resources to find a way to grant her super powers. She was granted advance strength, agility, and most importantly, the bad luck ability. Her bad luck powers gave anyone she considered an enemy a hex.

Spiderman and the Black Cat's relationship grew to the point where Spiderman felt he had to reveal to Felicia his secret identity. Spiderman brought her to his place and introduced her to Peter Parker. She became angry and they both realized that it was Spider that Felicia Hardy had fallen in love with, and not the man Peter Parker. They both thought that eventually Felicia would have to accept Peter Parker and fall in love with him as well.

Due to problems in their relationships and spending exessive amount of time together, the Black Cat brought Spiderman intense bad luck, which was Kingpin's plan the whole time. Spiderman went to seek help from Dr. Strange to remove the hex put on him, in doing so, it resulted in Felicia Hardy losing her bad luck powers. Both were angry and things only had gotten worst, resulting in a break up.

Felicia returned but this time with a relationship with Peter's best friend, Flash Thompson. She was planning to break Flash's heart when he was most vulnerable to get back at Peter. Peter did not want to see his friend suffer so he and Felicia settled their problems and became friends. Felicia broke it off with Flash lightly feeling there no need for revenge anymore.

The Black Cat is still in action today as owner of Cat's Eye Investigations. She is a P.I. who occasionally runs into Spiderman to help him. Even though Peter Parker is married, she has become quite fond him and Spiderman.