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The Black Cat

Name: Felicia Hardy
Alias: The Black Cat and Felicity Harmon
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Private Investigator, former burglar
Identity: Known to legal authorities
Citizenship: United States of America with a criminal record, subsequently granted amnesty
Place of Birth: Queens, New York, United States of America
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 120lbs
Maritial Status: Single
Education: College education (arts major)
Known Relatives: Walter Hardy (father, deceased), Lydia Hardy (mother)
Group Affiliation: Owner of Cat's Eye Investigations, former partner of Spider-Man
Powers: Without enhancement, Felicia possess the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in a regular intensive exercise routine. Assisted by the power enhancers in her costume, the Cat's approximately 250lbs. Her Judo skills enable her to throw opponents who weigh even more than this. (From the The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Spiderman 2004).

Felicia trained herself for two years in gymnastics and many self defense methods to improve all of her senses. She has trained hard to follow in her father's footsteps as an excellent cat burglar, and calling herself The Black Cat. Her mother had tried to shield Felicia from her father's reputation but she found out herself.

When she became ready, she set out to become an expert cat burglar like her father. When she fought her enemies, her enemies would have a type of 'bad luck' hex on them.

Her first break-in was at the police headquarters for files IO believe about her father and his wereabouts

When Spiderman first saw the Black Cat, his thoughts were, "Not bad, not bad at all." Spidey and her fought and met for the first time in an alley where a secret arson was hidden. She got away when Spiderman had a type of 'bad luck' when some shelves fell on him but it took more to stop the Spiderman. He caught up to her shortly and she gave up.

"Oh no Love, on the contrary, I'm giving up!"
"Alright what's the gimmick? Nobody gives up!"
"Well I am... How could little me ever escape you? You're so strong, so powerful"

This was when The Black Cat came up to Spiderman slowly, lifted up his mask up to his nose and gave him his first kiss with the Feline. Dazed by what just happenend, the Black Cat quickly escaped leaving Spidy alone with the cops.

Spiderman followed the cat and found her braking her dad out, realizing the only person who would break Walter Hardy out of jail would be her daughter, Felicia Hardy! She escaped him only to have Spiderman find her at her house on the cliff of some body of water. That's where they fought and when she fell the roof and into the shores.

The Black Cat eventually came back and began stealing again, only this time ancient artifacts which were symbols of love. Spiderman tracks her down and she reveals she stole for him and that she has always adored and loved him. Spiderman realizes that she needs help and sends her to get help

She eventually breaks out and checks into a posh hotel using the money she got from stealing. She tuns into Spiderman again and tell him to meet her at a costume party. After searching through some fakes, our cat finds the real Spiderman under a cloak. They have their first date at the party and crash the crime lord's party and promises Spidey to go straight. Old habits die hard as she begins stealing again while Spiderman worked hard fighting for her and getting her pardoned from all her previous crimes. Once they again Spiderman finds out and fight. This time Felicia choooses to fall off the docks refusing to go back to jail, not knowing she has been pardoned.

She was able of swimming back onto shore but some of Docter Octopus' henchmen captured her and Doc Ock kept her his personal guest, most likely because he had a thing for her. She managed to escape, and steal one of Kingpin's deadly devices. She met up with Spidey and they both agreed right there to go steady, and become an official couple, even though she didn't know Spiderman's identity. They went to her hotel room and celebrate but Doc Ock kidnapped our cat and her stolen weapon.

Spiderman chases to Doc Ock's lair and finds the cat, but Dock's in the way. TBC stopped Doc Ock from activating a weapon able to destroy New York and this really ticked off the Doctor. He attacked her viciously and the sight of this really ticked Spiderman off and he actually tore Doctor Octopus' tentacles (proves how much Spidey cares for TBC)! Spiderman rushed TBC to the hospital where she barely made it there alive and made a slow recovery.

While she was recovering, Spiderman would visit her room nightly, give her a kiss and spend some time with her before leaving. Eventually she recovered and became partners against crime but Spiderman didn't approve of her risking her life since she possessed no super powers. They eventually became really close and Spiderman decided to completely let her into his life by revealing her his secret identity. While Spidey left for the Secret Wars, the Cat went to the Kingpin for a favour, to grant her super powers. He agreed only if she would return the favour one day. Felicia agreed and Kingpin's scientists improved her hidden potential powers. One major power she gained was 'Bad Lick' powers which would protect her from harm by hexing anyone who in anyway harming her.

Her bad luck powers also affected anyone close to her, mainly Spiderman! This was Kingpin's plan all along, to hex Spiderman, which would eventually lead to his demise. Spiderman learned of this from Kingpin and he dumped her seconds before she was about to break up to protect him.

This is not the end for their relationship though. Before the Black Cat reappears in Spidey's life, she begins her life a type of Robin Hood, stealing form the rich and giving to the poor. Meanwhile Spiderman seems to be having some type of Bad Luck, and goes off to see the Super Hero doctor, Dr. Strange. The Doctor detects some type of hex around Spiderman's aura and removes it, unknowing other effects. At the same time the Doctor is removing the hex, the Black Cat is off fighting some punks and things go bad once she realizes she has no bad luck powers to rely on. She escapes to Doctor Strange but has to make a new costume to cover up some injuries she got in the fight. It turns out that Doctor Strange hadn't removed her Bad Luck poewers, but they were mutated somehow, but she wasn't a mutant really. As she returns home steamed, she meets the foreigner. He proposes a plan with the Cat to take down Spidey and she accepts in the name of vengence.

First part was for Felicia to get Spiderman in her hands. She fought Sabertooth and risked her life to show Spidey that she can take care of herself. Spidey becomes touched over the fact that she would risk her life for him. These two get close and closer when he apartment gets mysteriously blown up. Spidey saves her and they decide she can live with Peter now that she's homeless. This is when things get close between the two and Felicia decides to switch costumes again. They find out that Blaze had burned down her apartment and TBC and Spiderman put Blase in jail where he was murdered and Spiderman is framed. It turns out that TBC was in on this plan of setting Spidey up but she has to goods to prove him innocent. She talks to the foreigner on the phone discussing the plan as Peter listens in and chases her in a fit of rage. He tracks her down to Foreigner's apartment where Spiderman and Foreigner duke it out. Felicia calls the cops and they arrive to arrest Spidey but she drops to evidence proving him innocent. Once everything got sorted out Felicia is long gone on a cruise to Europe. Unfortunatly Mary Plain Watson is there to comfort Peter and this brings them closer.

Felicia returns to New York eventually but doesn't contact Spiderman, instead she begins to spy on his friends. Conviced that he is still in love with her, she tracks down where he lives and becomes furious when she finds out that he has married Mary Jane. She is then convinced that he only married her because he was upset with losing her and married her on the rebound. In a twist, Flash Thompsan, Peter's best friend, surpises everyone when he introduces his new girl, Felicia Hardy. MJ and Peter are shocked and worry once they leave. The Black Cat later breaks into the Parker's apartment and attacks MJ saying she wants her out of the picture. She also confesses that her plan is to get Flash to fall in love with her and then break his heart liks Spiderman did to her. Then she'll forgive him and they'll be together forever.

As Flash and Felicia go out, its obvious he's really into her and she's not into him, until she eventually falls in love with him slowly. When Spiderman's powers were removed and was forced to stop Tarantula, Felicia saved him and put the Cat costume on again but kept it a secret from Flash. Once Spiderman got his powers back from the machine that took it, it somehow affected everyone around it, mainly The Black Cat. It removed her powers from her but she didn't mind since she didn't want Flash to find out she was every the Black Cat.

Living in excitment is not something you can just give up. Felicia misses being TBC so she asks the Tinkerer to make her some implants, costume adjustments, and special contact lenses which will all boost her strength, agility, give her contracting claws, and night vision. The Black Cat is back and she teams up with Spiderman, despite MJ's disaproval, to take on the Spider Slayers.

Felicia starts her own agency, Cat's Eye Private Investigator. She teams up with Spiderman and Spider-Ben occasionally. We don't hear much about her and according to the latest and delayed series focusing the the Black Cat and Spiderman, I can safely assume that the agency was eventually closed down and she quit being the Black Cat again but returned to help a friend.

Intelligence: 2 (Normal)
Strength: 2 (Normal)
Speed: 3 (Superhuman: peak range: 700MPH)
Durability: 2 (Normal)
Energy Projection: 1 (None)
Fighting Skills: 4 (Experienced Fighter)
*all stats are out of 7