Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat

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Love the Black Cat? Think Mary Jane is wrong for Spiderman? You've come to the right place!

Surf the sections I have started on our favourite feline and soon I'll add more including articles about the Cat that I will write my self

08 19 05
- Great News! This is a little old but Kevin Smith is finished with all SIX issues of the haitus mini-series, Spider-man/The Black Cat The Evil that Men Do - Grab your hands on the next issue of ultimate Spider-man with a cover with the Black Cat - Send me FANFICTION!

08 05 05
- What's this? AN UPDATE? HARDLY - The  section is updated! - Sorry for the non-updating period, lotsa school work!

04 17 05
- The
fanfiction section is up with the site's first fanfiction!!! It's not earthshattering but still a good read.
- Sorry for the non-updating period, lotsa school work!

12 21 04
- The
rumours section is up with one long rumour circulating.
- Six more pictures in the
gallery section.
- Some of you may have already noticed how I changed the main picture. Tell me what you think.

12 14 04
- fanfiction open, but empty

11 15 04
- The
fanart section is updated sorry quick update.

10 31 04
- Happy Halloween!
- Added more stuff to the
gallery section with up to 50 pictures in total!

10 05 04
- Added three more great pictures to the
gallery section with a BIG thanks to PIOTREK.

10 02 04
- No updates but just to let you know I havn't ditched this place yet. Internet provider let me down AGAIN twice this month and my computer is annoying me! I can't access the files for some reason. Sorry. I'll get it fixed soon.

09 17 04
- Added much more pictures in the
gallery section.

09 05 04
- Added a link to a place on the side, where it says, 'Store' click it and have a look.
- Added 3 'blooper' pictures in the
gallery section.

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