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Kingpin's hencham who sacrificed himself to save Dagger after admiring her and Cloak's bond. Answer had the answer for every problem the Kindpin ren into.

The Foreigner's henchman. He was used to thrash Felicia's building and was killed to frame Spidey.

Ex X-man who joined the circus. After his only friend died in the circus, he went on a rampage and it was up to Spidey and Felicia to stop him.

Garrison Klum who uses the alias 'Mister Brownstone' to deal drugs and as his gang nickname.

Symbiote Offspring of Venom bonded with Cleteus Cassidy. Venom had to team up with SPiderman and the Black Cat to stop him.

A duo made of a man who lives on darkness and a woman who lives on light. They had caused Spidey and TBC some trouble once.

He became too much of a fly and started acting like one, like eating garbage instead of taking his revenge on Spiderman and JJ.

It was Hobgoblin II who was causing them trouble. He was under the orders of the original Hobgoblin.

Escaped prison and went on a rampage.

Gave Felicia powers but they were a trick. Kingpin is head of the organized crime in New York and is enemy to many.

Mary Jane Watson-Parker is wife to Spiderman. When Felicia returned, she hated Mary Jane for marrying Pater Parker.

Dr. Otto Octavious wanted to destroy New York but the Black Cat had managed to stop him. He managed to almost take her life in rage.

The Owl is Kingpin's rival in organized crime. It was him and Dr. Oct's battle did TBC get involved in.

The Black Cat fought and defeated him to prove to Spiderman how much he meant to her. But when she fought him the first time, Spidey interferred making TBC mad.

Shriek helped Carnage during the Maximum Carnage saga. She was Carnage's main ally and friend. She caused some trouble for Spidey and TBC

When Silvermane came back to life, he was another villian to go on another angry rampage throught the city.

Scientist who analayzed Cloak's powers and gain some of his own. He stirred up some trouble between Spiderman and The Black Cat.

Doctor Strange had to remove the hex on Spiderman but ended up removing Felicia's bad luck powers but ended up altering those powers.

The crazy "Spider" woman who tried to kill Mattie Franklin. After Mattie took the name of Spiderwoman before this lady did, she tried to kill her.