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Spiderman/Black Cat Moments

Some precious moments between Spiderman and the Black Cat.

This happend when Spiderman tried to stop the Black Cat and right before they had their first kiss.

This is when the Black Cat makes Spiderman a black costume similiar to his alien symbiote version because she thought it looked, sexier.

After the battle with Doc Ock and the Owl, the Black Cat saved New York, but her life was left hanging by a thread. She wouldn't have made it if Spiderman hadn't quickly gotten to her to the hospital having being driven with his determination to be able to spend more time with the feline.

Before they would head out to their nightly patrol, Felicia and Spiderman would often hang out at her apartment. On this particular night, the Black Cat planned a dinner party for them.

After not seeing each other for awhile, Felicia runs into Spidey while working on a case. They 'catch-up' while hanging out of a window in front of everyone in New York to see.