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Costumes and Versions

Costume 1
This is Felicia's original costume. There have been some variations as the costume has been slowsly improved but other then that this is pretty much the gist of it. The mask covers part of her face and non of her hair. The collar, gloves and boots have some white fur around it to give it the more catty look.

Costume 2
When her bad luck abilities were altered while she was fighting some punks she hurt her nose. She made his costume to cover up the damaged nose and the should pads are made from the gold of a solid gold notebook that she stole. The costume is basically a jacket over some white leotards. I personally don't like this costume.

Costume 3
Felicia changed her outfit unexpectly to this once, I'm not sure if it was because her nose was fixed or not but it's definetly an improvement from the old one. I don't ever know what happend to this one since she wore this one to Europe and returned home in her original outfit.

Costume 4
After her powers were powers were accidently removed, Felicia missed out on the thrill of the night so she asked the Tinkerer to make her some gadgets that'll boost her human abilities. This was designed to fit her new equipment but eventually she stopped wearing this and wore her original one again.

Costume 5
After giving up the role as the Black Cat, her friend Trish dissappears. She puts the costume on again, but the costume seemed to have evolved while in her closet. Anyways, this costume is like her original, but its more of like a one piece jump suit. Less fur around the legs, arms, and collar and no boots or gloves. It looks like she got some work done on her chest but who cares. This is supposed to be her latest one.

Animated Felicia
Felicia appears in the Spiderman Animated Series 90s version looking like this. This Felicia Hardy KNOWS Peter Parker in person. They date for a little while in the begining of the series. This version, her mother owns a large corporation and she is very wealthy. Her father is still alive and knows the secret soldier formula that made Captain America, so that is why he is put in custody of SHIELD.

Animated Black Cat
The Black Cat in the animated series actually possess super powers, which are equivalent to Captain America's powers. She has the ability to transform from Felicia Hardy in the Black Cat, altering her appearance. She becomes much more muscular, gains her classic look of silver hair, her voice becomes deeper, and her eyes become blue. Her costume is similiar to the comics version but has no fur around the collar.

Ultimate Black Cat
The long awaited Ultimate Black Cat had made her first appearance in Ultimate Spiderman 50. Her new costume gives it the original look but also keeping the the new moder look as well. This time she is equipped with more cool stuff like claws on her boots, night-vision goggles, and a wrist watch.

Ultimate Felicia
This could be the greatest change ever done to Felicia. Her father is named John Hardy. She has short black hair, and wears a wig along with her costume! She looks older than Spidey that makes her seem like an unsuitable match with Spiderman.

Manga Felicia
Marvel issued a mini series, a manga, or japanese anime style Spiderman series. The characters looked cuter including Felicia. In this version, she looks more like a tomboy with an attitude. She's a little older but this time she gets a kiss with Peter before Mary Jane. When she dies the first time, it drove Spiderman to accept the symbiote's power. When she died, he cried and was angry, I guess in the manga universe, Spiderman and her could've made it.

Manga Black Cat
Felicia became the black cat in the manga when she was first killed and later was brought back to life as the Black Cat. She was given no mask but I'm not sure if she was given powers. She did have some gear to assist her. At the end of the series, they have a relationship but her ressurection was only temporary. She left him before it went any further, sparing his heart.