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Why it would've worked

The relationship between both Spiderman and The Black Cat had been a rocky one. It was new both of them but Spidey in particular. He never had a relationship as Spiderman but only as Peter Parker and now it was Peter Parker getting in the way between them. The Black Cat didn't love Peter Parker, but only Spiderman. When he had revealed his face to her she was in shock, surpised and dissapointed.

The problem was that The Black Cat didn't have enough time to fall in love with Spidey and that they jumped the whole thing too fast. If only they had more time and worked harder, things would've been different.

The Black Cat needed time to get used to the face behind the mask. She would've eventually have fallen in love with both Spiderman and Peter Parker. When she left Europe to return to New York, she realized that she missed Spiderman too much and came back for him but he had already married Mary Jane and that she has also fallen in love with Peter Parker. She came for him and called him Peter, and admitted that she has grown used to him. When Spiderman and the Cat first saw each other after the breakup, she was suprised to see him and call him Peter even though he was wearing the costume. She wanted to patch things up but he wouldn't until she began her revenge on him. But in the end she hurt him the same way he did when he dumped her first. The Cat when to Europe but returned to find him married. She tracked Mary Jane down and threatend her to stay away from Peter. When Spiderman told her it was over she was MAD. When she dated Flash she didn't exactly enjoy it but eventually she found out the good qualities of Flash and started to fall in love with him. This proves that the Cat is capable of seeing the good in ordinary people like Peter Parker and falling in love with them. This is how time could've solved the probelm of Felicia not loving Peter Parker.

Peter Parker had always loved Felicia Hardy and The Black Cat. When the Black Cat drowned the second time, the issue after that, Spidey makes a comment about how much he had missed her. At one time he loved her more then Mary Jane. When both Mary Jane and the Black Cat were at his apartment, they got into a fight. Mary Jane was the first to storm out of the place but when the Black Cat tried to leave, his subcouncious and the alien symbiote he was wearing fired a webline to stop her, unlike when Mary Jane tried to leave, he didn't make much of an attempt to stop her. He fell in love with her the second time when she came back to him but his rage got the better of him. He was always quick to jump. In the recent delayed mini-series, "Spiderman/The Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do" TBC decides to do it her way and not to think of a plan while Spidey wanted to think of a plan. He was tempted to chase after him and tried to convince himself not to and that Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, but decided to after her anyways. He kept thinkin how much fun he had and how much he had missed chasing her.

In the issue "What If Spiderman had Married the Black Cat?" I think it would've turned out differently. Since TBC's identity wasn't a big secret, anyone could've made the connection between Felicia Hardy and Peter Parker as the Spiderman. But no one had the idea of changing the Black Cat's identity like Spiderman did during the Identity Crisis saga which worked. She could've been something else like the Black Panther or somthing, then should've created a new identity for herself that nobody knew about and could solve the problem here. No one seemed to make the connection that if Spidey kept saving Mary Jane and Mary Jane's boyfriend was Peter Parker, the person who followed Spiderman around, was in fact Spiderman, then this would've worked. Spiderman and TBC didn't even have to show their relationship in public, they could've made out in private when no one could see them. There were a few things that they could've done to make it work.

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