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How the Ultimate Universe ruined the Black Cat

When I read Ultimate Spiderman #50, I was thrilled to find out that the Black Cat makes her debut in Spiderman's life and was hoping that things would turn out differently for them this time. I was wrong, this Black Cat seems all wrong for him.

First off, the new costume is fine, but the new Ultimate Felicia Hardy looks completely different from what she's supposed to look like. Her blonde hair is a wig! They might as well called her, 'The Cat Burglar'. She's probally older than Peter Parker since she's been working since 1999, making her at least above the legal age for working, which is about the same age as Peter. It looks like the only thing she's out for is revenge for her father's death.

But I guess this relationship could go somewhere. I mean, they did go on their first date already. Not everyone would consider wine and cheese on the roof in the evening a real date, especially for a teenage. I guess they do have a chance. It seems like she does have bad luck powers, rather then trapping her battleground. I mean, you can't really trip a gun to go off at the right moment, and aiming at the right stop. The Black Cat doesn't seem to have access to Spidey's web shooters and rig them not to go off. So I guess there wouldn't be the problem, of the Cat not being able to defend herself in battle and putting herself in risk. She won't need to go to the Kingpin who won't be able to alter her powers so that it will eventually destroy Spiderman. I think she's already mad enough with the Kingpin already.

The fact that Ultimate writers have decided to alter Felicia so much that I couldn't recognize her if I hadn't read Ultimate 50. I don't mind some of the few changes to t he costume that much, but I'm more upset about the fact that Felicia looks completely. I also don't like the way she died. I'm guessing that she'll comeback, like the normal universe. But the way she died, with the dagger, isn't as reassuring as her falling into the waters, instead of being stabbed at and drowning.

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