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The Black Cat's first known ally on the right side of the law and helped her out through times. She also became in love both Spiderman and eventually Peter Parker

The police captain who protected Felicia while she was in the hostpital. She also helped Spiderman get Felicia amnesty even though she had a crush on Spidey.

Venom and Felicia never really fought physically. They became allies during Maximum Carnage to stop Carnage and his crazy friends.

Some guy who worked for Felicia when she opend up, Cat's Eye Investigations. Not too much is known about who he is.

As Flash and Felicia were strolling through the park one day, they were mugged but Flash beat up the hoolagins for Felicia.

Felicia's mom, Lydia. She tried to shield Felicia from what her father had become and didn't want her to know her dad was a thief.

Felicia's father and role model. He was once the famous Cat burglar but despite her mom's efforts, Felicia knew about him and trained to be just like him.